We started out with one central idea: to change the way the world perceives sustainability; that true environmental sustainability doesn't hinge on the actions of corporations and government alone. 


It’s more than a single speech. True sustainability encapsulates what you do, at this moment. It’s the actions you make for our planet. Small, consistent behavioural changes which over time can lead to unimaginable results. 

At EnvironEarth, we want to connect with our audience in innovative and more importantly, inclusive ways. EnvironEarth isn’t just a website, an Instagram handle, or a bunch of kids trying to glam up their college applications. It’s a community, where you, the readers are the center. EnvironEarth is a ‘forum of sustainability’ where anyone, from any take of life, could contribute, learn, and represent our cause. 


We bring to you the true meaning of what it is to live green, in ways you never imagined. You could read our blog, where we break down critical environmental issues- greenwashing, fast fashion, sustainable cities, industrial scandals, activism, policy, self-care and so much more- using a varied and versatile set of perspectives. Drop by our culture section, to find convenient and exciting ways of introducing sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Binge on our DIYs, take inspiration from our “Greenfluencers” and scour through our literature recommendations (we’ll make you fans of the cli-fi genre rest-assured). Or perhaps feature your story, artwork, or poems at our CreatorSpotlight!


Under all the initiatives on EnvironEarth, lies our growing love for the environment. None of us here are experts. Regardless, we try to put in our everything to bring you media that matters. We’re trying to take the same path of sustainability that we propagate. We want to create a network of inspired individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds to spark the sustainability movement.


 Welcome to EnvironEarth.